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Tamara L Siuda

(Mambo Chita Tann)
Portland, OR
Rev. Tamara L. Siuda is an author and the founder and spiritual leader (Nisut) of Kemetic Orthodoxy and the House of Netjer Temple. Since 2000, she is also a priestess of Haitian Vodou (as Mambo Chita Tann). Tamara is active in issues and causes concerning indigenous communities and indigenous spirituality, as a Haudenosaunee/Métis person and as an academic completing her doctorate in Claremont Graduate University's religion department.
Friday, March 17

1:00pm CDT

2:15pm CDT

6:00pm CDT

6:30pm CDT

Saturday, March 18

10:15am CDT

1:00pm CDT

2:45pm CDT

4:00pm CDT

6:00pm CDT

8:00pm CDT

Sunday, March 19

11:15am CDT

1:00pm CDT

4:30pm CDT