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Alex Iantaffi

Minneapolis, Minnesota
I am a trans masculine, nonbinary, disabled, Reclaiming Feri and Queer Mysteries initiate, parent, mentor, family therapist, scholar, priestess, immigrant, community organizer and writer, who strives to live an integrated life and has a life-long passion for social justice. My hearth and communities are central to my life and practices. I have been living on Dakota and Anishinaabe territories, currently known as Minneapolis, since 2008 and I call Winter Witchcamp and Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming my spiritual home communities. My first call into Reclaiming community was through British Reclaiming in 2004. Before then, I had practiced what I would now call eclectic Paganism, including Reclaiming and Feri based magic, while searching for hearth and kin. Having been brought up in Rome, Italy and having spent all my summers and high holidays in Francofonte, Sicily, where my mom hails from, I have always felt close to the Mysterious Ones and their various manifestations. The temples, sacred sites and stories of mainly Roman and Greek deities were part of my daily landscape, and whispered promises of other times and places where polytheism was possible, and when gender-bending femininity and queerness were seen as sacred. The Norse mysterious ones and the runes called to me for a long time. It was when I came to Winter Camp in 2005 following Freya’s call, that I found meaning and home for that calling. I consider myself a theist heathen witch, devoted to Freya, Proserpina and Isis, and I am also deepening my relationships with Ganesha and Kwan Yin as daily companions, as well as other Mysterious Ones, such as the Bear folks, the Bees, the Dragon folks, and the Ass/Donkey clan. I nurture my relationships to ancestors of blood and spirit, and treasure my descendants of blood and spirit.