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Michelle Belanger

Michelle is an author, occult expert, presenter, singer, media personality, gifted psychic and skilled energy worker. We couldn’t think of a better expert to help us with our Through the Looking Glass: A Journey to the Underworld theme! Michelle has authored more than two dozen non-fiction books on paranormal and occult topics. These include Walking the Twilight Path(Llewellyn) which discusses the concept of death as change, and learning to reach across the veil to communicate with spirits as helpers, guardians and teachers. Michelle’s other books include Conspiracy of Angels (Titan), The Dictionary of Demons (Llewellyn), The Psychic Energy Codex (Weiser) and Sacred Hunger: The Vampire Myth and Reality (Dark Moon).

Michelle has notably been featured on A&E’s Paranormal State as a medium and occult expert. You can check out an introduction of her appearances here! She is also a prominent advocate for the vampire community and is a self-described psychic vampire. She serves as a spokesperson for the modern vampire subculture, leading discussions, appearing in film and TV shows about vampires in myth and modern day.

Michelle is the founder of House Kheperu, the House of Transformation. Their name comes from the ancient Egyptian word that means “to transform, to change, to become”. As a teacher, Michelle’s philosophy is to help students “explore many different ideas and beliefs, so they may ultimately discover the path that is most right for them”.  House of Kheperu believes that knowledge is a right, not a privilege. As such the group maintains a free website with information available to all who choose to seek it.

If that’s not enough to sell you on the enchantment that is Michelle, she’s also a musician! Michelle has performed with Nox Arcana as guest vocalist on their album Winter’s Knight (2005). She wrote the songs for Nox Arcana’s Album Blood of Angels (2006). She has also performed with the band URN and appeared on their albums Desecrated Ashes (2003) and Dancing with the Demigods (2006).

This will be Michelle’s first visit to Paganicon and we’re so excited to have her as a Guest of Honor. If you would like to learn more about Michelle you can find all of her work and more on her website.

We would like to thank Llewellyn for sponsoring Michelle at Paganicon 2017.