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Neteruhemta RaShuSet

I am a solitary Kemetic devotee who re-interprets the ritual practices of ancient Egypt with an emphasis on upholding ma'at, reconciling the physical world I reside in with the non-physical world ruled by the Netjeru, and serving the Netjers I have made oaths to. My experience stems over a decade of devotional practice, a lifetime of interest in the culture of ancient Egypt, and self-promoted research.

Armed with a BA in Art and Film Studies, I utilize the training I have received in projects including: analyzing ancient Egyptian myths, motifs, and symbols in film and video games; re-interpreting myths and ritual practices of ancient Egypt to adapt to developed, western societies with an emphasis on wide-spread accessibility; and crafting modern devotional/ritual items.

I can be seen running around armed with beads for beadweaving, notebooks, and lots of excitement.