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Clio Ajana

House of Our Lady of Celestial Fire
Twin Cities, MN
I’m Clio Ajana, a lesbian Hellenic Orthodox High Priestess and member of the House of Our Lady of Celestial Fire, E.O.C.T.O. I lead services, welcome newcomers, and revel in spreading knowledge of our path to those who are drawn to us, including our prison ministry. Our tradition in the Twin Cities has been embracing Greek,Roman, and Egyptian gods with an emphasis and welcoming of all LGBTQIA since 1998. My devotional areas include numerology, astrology, herbalism, eldercare, and writing as a spiritual practice. I write for The Wild Hunt and consider everything in my life to be touched by and guided by the Gods. What to talk to me about in 2017 would be anything from your own spiritual/religious curiosity (or practice), your life, and issues surrounding the Pagan community as a whole. I look forward to meeting many and all!