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Emrys Anu's Ethics Playground
Ethics Maven
EmrysAnu holds a third degree in both eclectic Alexandrian informed Wicca and Sabbatic Witchcraft. With more than twenty years experience in the local Pagan Community, Emrys has served on the boards of two local Pagan non-profits, volunteered for a number of Pagan organizations, and is a driving force for putting on our big girl panties and behaving like grown-ups. She has been presenting on the topic of ethics at Pagan Pride, Paganicon, WiCoN, Sacred Harvest Festival, and in other non-Pagan arenas since 2002. Emrys is the High Priestess of the Coven of Misfit Toys, a highly eclectic coven with a strong focus on compassion and ethics, critical thinking, community service, and mirth and reverence.
As a former marriage coach specializing in infidelity, addiction, and abuse Emrys studied the role trauma plays in inhibiting our ability to navigate life from a place of abundance and safety rather than fear and victimhood. As a devotee of the Goddess she finds the seeds of addiction, abuse, and control are often buried in the remains of the destruction of the Divine Feminine.
Emrys was widowed in 2017 – her beloved ’s death was the direct consequence of his forty year involvement with a cult. As a result of that experience her focus and teaching has evolved in recent years toward healthy group dynamics and boundaries and the inevitable trauma found in high control groups. This has deepened her passion in teaching on these topics and the ethics involved.