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Tinnekke Bebout

Temple of Hekate Einalian
Chicago, Illinois
Tinnekke Bebout has been published in Askei Kataskei, Goddess, Circle, PanGaia, The Loom, and The Goat and Candle. She is the creator of the Female Mystique Tarot (to be released in June 2017), co-creator of The Hekate Tarot, author of The Dance of the Mystai, and she has also been a contributor to She of 10, 000 Names, Pagan Writers Presents Samhain, Taboo, Taboo 2, For the Love of the Gods and Hekate: Her Sacred Fires.
A dedicated priestess of Hekate, Tinnekke was made a Torch Bearer for the Covenant of Hekate in 2013, and founded The Temple of Hekate Einalian to bring together dedicants and devotees of that goddess in the Midwest and throughout the United States. She is one of the founders of the Mystai of the Moon Tradition and is Priestess of the Flames. Founder of the Lyceum Magissai, a school of magick, metaphysics and priestess-craft, Tinnekke has been teaching women from all over the world since 2007.
Friday, March 17

12:00pm CDT

Vendor Room Lower Level Courtyard Rooms

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8:30pm CDT

Saturday, March 18

9:00am CDT

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11:30am CDT

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Sunday, March 19

10:00am CDT

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