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Bo Jacisin

First Light Spirit Services
Saint Louis Park, Minnesota
Bo has been studying and practicing energy work since 2007, his studies covering a broad spectrum of practices and modalities from all over the world, including certifications in Reiki and Spring Forest Qi-Gong. Over the years, his focus has narrowed in on the topic of psychic defense, both for the individual and for the spaces they occupy. He has spent over nine years refining and teaching his techniques to hundreds of students at both conventions and private classes, as well as offering his skills performing energetic clearing in homes and businesses.

As a life-long lover of everything both spiritual and spooky, Bo founded the Saint Cloud State Paranormal Society in 2008, wherein he was introduced to the art of tarot. An immediate fascination, he has been honing his practice ever since. He is a skilled and intuitive reader, having offered the card’s insights in thousands of readings over the years.

To see information on services or to contact, check out the website: www.firstlightspiritservices.com or email at FirstLightSpiritServices@gmail.com
I look forward to seeing and meeting you all, and hope that Con is a splendid experience

Well met,
-Bo J